Adguard Running But Not Blocking on Brume 2

I have my Brume 2 at home acting as a wireguard server. I then have my iPhone and Laptop connected as clients. On the Brume 2 I have enabled Adguard, however it does not seem to be blocking anything on my phone or laptop.

I assume I’m missing a setting to get this to work with the WG VPN?

Make sure that your phone and laptop will use the Brume as primary DNS server.

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I understood I needed to make sure the DNS was pointed to the right one, but the tricky part was where to actually do that. There are many different places to enter DNS addresses.

But, I think I figured it out. In the client wireguard config file, I had to change the DNS to my local router’s IP and re-load the file into the WG client app. The confusing part is Adguard povides many different DNS IPs to choose from so I wasn’t sure which one to use, or if one was better than another.

I just chose the basic, and that seemed to work

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