AdGuard with ExpressVPN

Hi, I have activated AdGuard with ExpressVPN running with OpenVPN protocol on my GL-AX1800 (flint) router. However I can still see ads on my devices (YouTube). I tried other vans such as sursfhark (with ad blockers built-in) and this doesn’t happen. So I was wondering, is AdGuard really working with OpenVPN or is any technical issue with my router?
Thank you

I have checked with ExpressVPN on the same matter before and according to them once the VPN is attempted, their DNS will supersede it.

What does it mean? If their DNS is superseded then AdGuard doesn’t work, why?

They are saying that once the vpn connection is attempts then the dns will override it. That why am also curious of it actually…maybe ExpressVPN has modified their server for their own dns query.

ExpressVPN and other commercial OpenVPN providers probably push their own DNS servers to the client.

Try downloading and editing their OpenVPN config file to disable their DNS servers and putting in your own DNS servers. Add the following section before the Certificate section in the config file (a.b.c.d and e.f.g.h are your own DNS IP’s).

pull-filter ignore “dhcp-option DNS”
dhcp-option DNS a.b.c.d
dhcp-option DNS e.f.g.h

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Do not try to use VPN and AdGuard Home at the same time. Either use VPN or Adguard Home!