Adguardhome dns over https on GL-AR300M

I activated adguardhome on my GL-AR300M router and also Cloudfare DNS over HTTPS.
How can I check if the configuration is working properly?

Before I had Pi-Hole running on a raspberry and could look the encrypted data with tcpdump.
I can’t install tcpdump on this router.

Thank you very kindly,

grtzz tom

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Try this method.

Thank you Luochongjun but I’m a Linux user, not windows.

I don’t see how I can check the functionality of DNS over https which is activated in adguardhome by enabling it in Chrome for Windows.

How can I check if the function DNS over HTTPS in Adguardhome is really working?

Thank you

You can try using an Android device (though you’ll need a domain name for your router for DoH to work) if it’s running Android 9 or later - it has an option called “Private DNS” under Connectivity/Connection settings. Entering your domain name there (as long as it points to the device running AGH, and port 853 is accessible) should result in no error messages (otherwise after saving the settings, the menu option will display “Couldn’t connect” instead of the DoH URL).

Then you can check both the AGH logs and the on-screen information of the Android device to verify it’s working.

Try going to the following page in your browser:

It will tell you the URL of the DNS info.
Additionally, - will confirm the use of DNS over https OR DNS over TLS for Cloudflare.