Adguardhome DoH AR750S

I got my replaced AR750S-ext back and all is working fine.
But I have one question concerning DoH.
I activated adguardhome and on the settings page–>DNS settings I entered “” followed by test upstream “OK” and Apply “OK”

Flushed DNS cache on linux mint with “sudo /etc/init.d/dns-clean start” but when I visit it says still: |
Connected to|No|
Using DNS over HTTPS (DoH)|No|
Using DNS over TLS (DoT)|No|
Using DNS over WARP|No|

What am I doing wrong?
Thank you is cloudflare. you entered quad9.

Actually since he wanted DOH, it will be “

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thank you both. After using the Cloudfare DoH it worked like a charme.

grt Tom

PS: maybe they should give Cloudfare DNS as an example in AGH

your initial Quad9 config most likely was working correctly.
issue was that you were using a cloudflare test site that tests if you’re using cloudflare.

there’s a reason why it’s not cloudflare by default

That was fixed just a few days later:

It is a non issue now, they just haven’t switched back. Cloudflare as a DNS will be slightly faster as well compared to Quad9 due to the incredible infrastructure Cloudflare has.