AdGuardHome on GL routers

Works a treat on my MV1000 (I have not attached any WiFi adapters). A couple of questions if you please allow me:1) How can we update AdGuardHome on the router? and 2) is it possible to use a different DNS with this (like CloudFlare)? Thank you again for your efforts.

I’m really sorry that I can’t find this wifi dang here, so I have no way to solve this problem.

You can configure different DNS, including cloudflare, in the Settings page of AdGuardHome.

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np I appreciate you bumped it on your todo list. when you do get it working feel free contact me to help you it if you need some beta testing help/feedback. with so many different routers and so many images 19.07.2, adguard, standard build testing build, etc etc. and that’s just with one of your routers (ar750s)

update: after reading my original i have to say im referring to mv1000 wireless compat issue. know you have tons of stuff out threre and thank you for it.


Nice forum and lots of nice people here,
is an owner of AR750s with adguardhome installed on Version
3.102 release updates to Version
3.104 then adguardhome disappears in application, anything to fix?

AdHuardHome is not yet officially integrated into our firmware, so when you upgrade to the officially released version 3.104, this feature will no longer be available.

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Thanks understand that but cant you make one fore 3.104 there was security isues whit 3.10.2

Later I compiled version 3.104 of AdGuardHome.

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I saw below message in AdGuard Home.
"AdGuard Home v0.102.0 is now available! "
But, I can’t auto update a new version.
Let me know how to manual update AdGuard Home(AR300M).
I don’t know what downloaded tarball.


I don’t believe that you are supposed to be able to update adguard independently from the gl-inet firmware yet. Perhaps when it is available as a package, gl-inet will allow you to update adguard independently of firmware.

@luochongjun is apparently going to release a 3.104 version that may contain updated adguard.

I would hope that it could be updated independantly from the firmware though.

I think in the end the new version message will be disabled, as letting users update Adguard independently without testing would probably break a lot of things. If Adguard changes something, it could introduce bugs and cause confusion.

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I would guess as much. Just hope that it’s not too much hassle to maintain.


I have upgraded AdGuardHome to v0.102.0, and the link address of the firmware is the same as before.

@chromebook Using AdGuardHome on the GL router requires that GL’s authentication hooks be added in the authentication step, otherwise AdGuardHome cannot be logged in with the GL Admin password.

If there is a significant update to AdGuardHome, I will provide the corresponding installation package in GL’s software library for users to update.

@adgu The AR750S test firmware has been updated to 3.104.


cant enable adguardhome getting errorcode -700

Hmm works for me.

I am also on 750s and I kept settings when flashing and came from 3.104

Thanks for the updated firmware and info @luochongjun

-700 errorcode… try to disable all your DNS in the Custom DNS menu.

Set your DNS under the Adguard Setting page instead.

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working now thanks slate👍

Has anyone tried the following blocklist:

It’s one of the most comprehensive available. I’m wondering if the ar750s can handle such a large list.

If not, what is the limit?

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I tested the blocklist on the MV1000 and AR750S, and it worked fine.
This list takes up 7.7MB of flash space, so only 32MB of flash devices are not available.6


Thanks luochongjun!

Do you think that there is enough RAM though after extended use of large lists?.. I remember that pi-hole would choke out raspberry pi models with smaller RAM (256gb - 512MB) if the list was large enough.

BTW ‘adblock style’ lists (such as this one - which incidentaly is also available in hosts file format) can apparently be more concise, taking up less space for the more blocking.

If anyone has smaller devices and are struggling to run lists then they maybe should stick to the ‘adblock style’ lists.

I’m so happy with this 3.104 version I think I will be sticking to it permanently - I hope that adguard makes it to the next full release!

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