AdGuardHome on GL routers

I assembled AdGuardHome on the GL router.

AdGuardHome is a powerful AD blocking software, more information, please refer to the official AdGuardHome.

If possible, I will add this function on the GL router with FLASH larger than 32MB.
Now I have updated AR750S,S1300 ,B1300 ,MV1000, E750 and AR300M-NAND, and I will update other models in turn.

After updating the firmware, you can enable this feature in the APPLICATIONS-> AdGuardHome TAB

Click on the Settings Page to go to the Settings Page for AdGuardHome


Wow! Are you going to compile one for ar300m too? I have couple of them lying unused.

Thanks @luochongjun for this AdguardHome addon.

With the AdguardHome turned on, I could not add own DNS servers.

Does this plug-in use Adguard DNS?

Based on which firmware revision you have integrated the adguard? 3.102, 3.104…maybe on the new 3.200? :stuck_out_tongue: :yum:

The Adguard settings page reports an update is available. Is that handled by firmware updates?

Ar300m-nand will also be supported.

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After enabling AdguardHome, you cannot add your DNS Settings in the DNS interface, but you can do so in the DNS Settings page of AdguardHome.

It’s still being tested. If there’s no problem, will it be added soon.

This is an official update for AdGuardHome, not our firmware update.

very nice surprise. gotta say that’s very very neat. very good value add considering all the hype it’s been getting as a pi-hole alternative.

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hey @luochongjun, @David is asking which firmware version is this adguard firmware based upon…

For example, when he installs your adguard firmware, will it say 3.101, 3.104 or 3.2** ?

It would be helpful to know what the version number is with each firmware released - often all we can go by is the date associated with it and guess from there.

The reason it is helpful is to know is for instance: whether it might be safe enough to keep our existing settings, or to know for example if we will downgrade version numbers and lose specific necessary fixes.

Thanks though, great work!

so for those wondering (@David), it is based on 3.102 apparently.

Some feedback:

  1. Not really a fan of being diverted to this external page when accessing an ad:

Could it not be to a local file instead? I just don’t see why we would need or want to access a site over the internet for this.

Also the English on the page is a little weird:

You are trying to access the AD page.
If you want to continue accessing ,try adding it to the whitelist.

could be

You are trying to access a website that has been blocked by AdGuard Home. If you wish to continue, try adding it to the whitelist.

  1. It would be nice if the default DNS could be what ever upstream DHCP provides instead of quad9. ISP DNS should be the default. Not sure how to do this elegantly though.

  2. Not sure if easy list China is a good default.

Otherwise it looks good and seems to run very well :clap:

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Thank you for your feedback and suggestions.

You can customize the redirect in the Settings pageI would love to use a local file instead, but since the AdGuardHome jump Settings specify only one IP address, there is no way to add a port and file path.One possibility is that I create a virtual network card on the router to handle jumps specifically.

Thank you for pointing out the mistake. My English is very poor

The automatic configuration of the upstream DNS Settings was fine, but each DNS change required a reboot of AdGuardHome, which took nearly 20 seconds to boot, which was a bit too much for me.

My mistake. This list is what I used for my tests and I forgot to remove it, but don’t worry, I’ll remove the list before I officially add this feature.


Not at all worried it’s really great work!

and your English is not poor, it is just not a very precise language so misunderstandings are easy.

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or how about a click box to request to add it to the temporary-whitelist-equest file from users so that admin can add it it to his evergrowing whitelist of life easily later on or allow add with a password (non root)

You may want to add an ‘s’ to the end of ‘24 hour’ on the status page.

AR300M NAND is available.

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Thanks, I have modified it in the firmware of other devices.

When I got up the morning, I didn’t have any connection to the internet, even though the WAN was working. For anyone’s reference, here are the logs: (10.9 KB)

I updated to 3.104 to see if it was more stable. I may revert if I’m feeling adventurous later.

You need to add adguard home back because the dns was redirected to it. Otherwise you need to fix the dns in UCI.