Adguradhome and OISD DNS blocklist

Someone asked about using OISD DNS blocklist with adguardhome and I am using but it eats memory on my ax1800 flint like nothing else. I just got done a 20 day uptime with the router and restarted with OISD DNS blocklist installed(yes I now this a huge list and adguardhome is memory intensive) I usually have about 30% memory free and now have 9% because of it. Also you will need to run:

echo ‘3’ > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches

This stabilized it at the 9% mentioned above otherwise the router will crash in about 5 hours. It has been up for about a day now.

I have been playing with the Idea of letting my BrumeW do adguardhome. Do I just need to point flint dns to my BrumeW ip address or something more is needed.

Do you mean after this command, it will not crash?

When I originally restarted and installed the OISD blocklist the memory went to 0 and the router stopped working in about 6 hours ( the first crash). I restarted the router(unplugged for a minute then plugged back in) let it run for a hour and then run the command in ssh( I do this now every time i restart the router) It has a 36 hour uptime right now memory is 6% total (28728kb) with 5% free (24188kb). I like to get at least a of week of uptime.

If it works for 1 day after reboot, may be just set a schedule reboot.