Admin Panel via Wan (GL-3000N)

I have a GL-3000N-V2 running V3.012 firmware. What an amazing little device!

No problem accessing the admin panel via lan but I am unable to access via wan- I have searched for some sort of enable setting but I can not seem to find.

Any advice?

You can go to plug in and install gl-cloud-ui and then enable ddns.

Hi Alzhao,

Thanks so much for your response. I probably should have done a better job explaining my issue.

Current setup:

  • Current network (router #1) is 192.168.0.x
  • GL-3000N-V2 (router #2) is 192.168.8.x and connected via WAN port to router one’s LAN port.
  • I also have LAN to LAN wire going between each router.
  • Router one assigns GL router an IP address of
  • I have a static route on router one of →

If I change a computer or mobile device’s ip address to 192.168.8.x I am able to access the admin panel via but I am unable to access the admin panel when device is set to 192.168.0.x. I have tried accessing via which I would expect to work as well as which I would expect not to work.

So my theory was that since is actually the WAN port on GL Router, the GL router must need to be enabled to allow admin panel access via WAN port.

The simple question really is how can I access the GL admin panel from a device on a different subnet?


UPDATE- Alzhao- apologies for doubting: Your suggestion is indeed the solution! I initially took your suggestion only as a way to register a dynamically changing IP address. Thanks so much- I am now able to access GL-Router from devices with router #1 subnet!!