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Hello, first post. Can someone tell me if the following routers can handle manual channel assignment with plugins? Someone at Surfshark recommended them as very compatible with the Surfshark One suite...


What do you mean by that?
They allow to set the Wi-Fi channel of course.

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Just making sure. I want to bridge a Flint as an admin/security gateway to my eero pro mesh, which does not allow most normal admin/ QoS control. Some older reviews said GL.iNets did not have manual switching AP channels, but company site and other reviews say yes. WRT must allow that. I want a Flint or Flint 2 for this, won't broadcast thru that yet but I will eventually dump the eero when we get more WiFi 6 devices.

Any advice? Thanks for confirming.

I don't get what you mean by "manual switching AP channels" - what is it useful for?

I live in an apartment and eero always jams my APs onto the busiest channels. Even in 5GHz, so I want to move my heaviest loads to unused channels. Eero just sucks, no control

So you are simply talking about Wi-Fi channels. Ofc it's possible:

But please keep in mind that channels are regulated and you can only choose them from a list - not by choosing whatever you like.

Correcto, but these loads bite:

I doubt you will find channels with less noise.

But to answer the main question: It's possible & you can give it a try.

Plenty of available channels:

Thanks for your help!!