Advance Settings General Questions

This might be too broad of a question, so apologies if it is. I'm just trying teach myself about Networking and GL-iNet Routers. The extent of my knowledge with routers is changing default log in settings. So all of this is new to me.

I purchased a Mudi V2 and almost returned it because I wasn't able to get my SIM Card to work with it, but luckily because of this forum and the manual, I was able to make it work. Since then, I've managed to install the Network Storage application. I downloaded Bitvise in order to do so, and figured out how to be able to access my SD Card. I'm really enjoying the Mudi V2 and simply learning how "play" with it.

I'm currently trying to figure out how to get NordVPN to work. I'll look through the forum before asking any questions.

But main reason for this post is because I opened the Advance Settings and had a couple questions.

First, are there resources where I can learn more about what I'm looking at in the Advance Settings? Right now I'm simply Googling, and learning a little at a time.

Second, in Wireless Overview (under Network), I was curious what the Radio0 / Radio1 sections (Qualcomm Atheros QCA9887 802.11acn / QCA9530 802.11bgn) are and why can't I add them, and what would happen if I did? I clicked the scan tab and it brought up a lot of WAP and some info about them, and that was pretty cool.

As I said, a really broad question, but given how helpful people have been, I figured I'd just ask.

Thanks again.

Radio0/Radio1 is the internal radio of the router, one for 2.4G and one for 5G.

You can add more interfaces on Radio0 and Radio1, which you did.

You can do anything in the Interface. Surely you will brick it and then just do a reset and start over. This is how you learn!


thank you for replying. i kinda figured i'd brick this thing at some point, given that i'm trying to learn and simply messing with the settings.

my only question is, am i able to take a "snapshot" of my current settings and just reference them so i don't have to manually do it all over again. i mean, i'm okay with doing it all over again manually, it'll only help me learn. but it'd be nice to have a "saved" point, like in games, and i'm not a gamer.

anyways, thanks for commenting. i learn best by trial and error.

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