Advanced Firewall Traffic Rules - whitelist IP block all others

I’m looking to whitelist access to a port from a few specific IPs and block all others, is this possible with the advanced firewall rules page?

Been attempting a bunch of combinations but have had zero success, i’ve also do a bit of googling without success.

It should be doable using iptables.

Maybe just give more detailed requirement so that someone can help to write the rules

@alzhao, apologies, yes, my use case is specific but I’m sure it will apply to others, sorry for not elaborating.

I’ve deployed 70 or so AR750 routers into the field, in remote locatations over the past year.

Since we have a router in a remote location I’d love to lock down the remote hardware to our specific IP addresses, we haver a dedicated and a VPN … dealing with a 3rd party IT team is pretty much always a nightmare … my question was aimed at hopefully finding a way to block all incoming traffice except for one or two allowed Whitelist IPs.

Would be awesome to do this via Luci’s GUi but if it has to be done via custom iptable rules that is fine, that being said i’ve spent 10+ hours with “this should work” custom iptable rules, i’m looking to find a gui solution using the GliNet Web Panel.

just add the rules to /etc/firewall.user using ‘vi’ or install ‘nano’ file editor
or you can install the luci gui interface and select

I have the Luci gui installed, I’m just a novice in regardes to iptables & I haven’t found a clear answer after searching quite a bit on stack/google regarding whitelisting a few IPs and blocking all others.

I know where I can possibly set the rules I’m just too much of a novice to construct actual functional iptables/custom firewall rules which will achieve what I’m looking to do.