Advice before buying a GL-AP1300LTE

Hi there,

I was told about the GL-AP1300LTE for the following needs. The :white_check_mark: green check ones are AFAIK good to go with this device. The :question: question mark ones are the ones I’m not sure about. I’d be glad to have pointers about them.

  1. :white_check_mark: 4G/LTE WAN, in France
  2. :white_check_mark: OpenWRT compatible
  3. :question: Possibility to access the LAN remotely, to access local servers (webcam & home automation maybe). Not so easy due to CG-NAT. GoodCloud could be a solution, am I wrong?
  4. :question: What’s the cost of GoodCloud’s most basic plan? I’d just need it for the need above, and to troubleshoot the connection remotely.
  5. :question: Can evolve
    • plug a usb stick as a local file storage, or as a future 5G router)
    • maybe an esim module

You can use GoodCloud to access your router via HTTP and SSH, even if the router does not have a public IP.
For accessing devices on the LAN, the solutions provided by GoodCloud currently still need the user to have at least one device with a public IP. If you do not have a public IP, please see a NAT traversal solution such as our AstroRelay.
More remote access solutions are available in the GoodCloud plans, but they may come at an additional cost.

The remote access features currently offered by Goodcloud are not charged for.

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There are ways around CG-NAT, especially if you’re willing to pay for something like a VPS to operate a relay server. Tailscale immediately comes to mind, but Nebula would also be a good alternative. (I know less about Zerotier, but that might work too. TS and ZT are supposedly going to be supported in an upcoming GLI firmware release).

(and if you don’t like the implementation, you can certainly do it in stock or stock-ish OpenWrt.)

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Well, the table on your 2nd link says that AP1300LTE doesn’t support Samba. I don’t understant, then

I dn’t understand. By “5G router”, do you mean another device? Some module that could be inserted? And when you mention esim, what do you mean?

Oh, I may have misunderstood, isn’t this section asking about other models?
Because the AP1300 does not have a USB port, which should be visible in the product description and pictures.

What I mean is that our firmware supports file sharing, but you may need to look for other models with USB ports.

Yes, a model to support 5G Cellular networks is in development.

In short, this model provides the interface for operators to burn in their eSIM chips. If you are buying personally, please ignore this part. It does not come with an eSIM chip built in.

Actually no, I was asking for answers regarding the AP1300 LTE.

However, I’d appreciate if you point me to a model of neighboring specs with a usb port. Would this port able to run an external (5G) modem?

GL-A1300 / Slate Plus and AP1300 use the same chip. If you don’t need to travel with it, you can also consider GL-AX1800 / Flint.

First of all, which external (5G) modem do you want to use - this is not entirely universal and different manufacturers’ modems need to be adapted individually.
There doesn’t seem to be a mature 5G USB modem on the market at the moment, most are sold as modules. Do you want to convert the USB interface yourself?

So, all I can say is that the GL-MT3000 / Beryl AX and GL-AXT1800 / Slate AX have been adapted to the RM520N-GL 5G modem module.

Hi,Is this for personal or business?

Indeed, I don’t need to travel with it since it’s for a secondary home. Are GoodCloud / Astrosurf (so that I can access the router and/or local devices remotely) available on this router, too?

Don’t know yet. My ISP is sending me a MiFi (LTE only) that might be able to be USB tethered, and then in my dreams I would plug it into my router to give it WAN access.
Do you think it’s doable with your line of routers?

For this, I was only thinking about possible evolutions in the future, if my location would be 5G-compatible, and when 5G USB modems would be available.

Personal, as you can see in the other reply I just made.

AstroRelay ?
Yes, they are available on all our models on sale.

I can’t give a definitive answer. It depends on the modem model.
If it uses a module that is not yet on our support list, it depends on our future adaptation plans, which are also subject to change.

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