Advice for wireless network segmentation

I have the first generation Brume router, so I’m pretty familiar with the GL-Inet products. I’m open to some ideas here if the community doesn’t mind. The end game I’m after is to get some network segmentation between my home office, IOT and family devices.

What I have right now is Fibre coming into the Brume as the router with a hand off to a Netgear Orbi Mesh wifi system in AP mode. The issue is that the NG stuff does is older and doesn’t have support to create VLANs so everything is on the same flat private network. From what I can tell, creating a VLAN on the Brume is pointless since all the Wifi connections will be pooled in one network.

So I’m thinking about adding into the mix a GL-AX1800 wifi AP. I originally got the mesh Orbi setup to get coverage across 3 floors in one house, but perhaps Wifi 6 has sufficient reach, but I figure if needed I can still use the older Orbi on one LAN port and still use the GL-AX1800 for other things.

Am I right to understand that I can create VLANs on the AX-1800? Would I be smarter to to use a simpler network and have it operate as the router and AP connected direct to my Fibre hand off? Glad to hear suggestions on this.

Yes, You can create multiple vlans for your purposes.
But if you’re just trying to separate IOT devices, why not create an IOT device-specific hotspot on LUCI?