Advise for a travelrouter

Let me explain my wishes!

I (and a lot of others) have a caravan.
In many countries and on campingsites whe would like to internet.
Sometimes there is wifi via a portal and somestimes there’s not.

So i like a router that:

a) Can connect wan part to camping wifi with portal (preferred and cheapest solution)
b) Can connect with included 3g/4g solutions when camping wifi does not work, or to slow
c) Can connect by usb tethering (usb cable to Phone with 3g/4g and wifi)
d) Can connect by cable to Another existing network

Another wish is

  1. that this router can act as a wireguard client, so that all attached clients are secured…
  2. the antenna’s can be connected external if possible (caravan is a box of Faraday)

Do you have a proposal?

I was looking at:

  • gl-ar750s-ext (no external antennas and no 3g/4g included but possible via a usb stick
  • GL-AR300M16-Ext (no 3g/4g, or can i attach a usb dongle ?)
  • other better solution ?

My father just bought a Mango (GL-MT300N-V2) for exact this purpose. Right now he is on a trip with the device, first time. I’m waiting what he says.

For me, I’ve got the same result as you, the Shadow (GL-AR300M16-Ext) seems to be the best choice.
Mainly because of the external antenna. But you are free to open the case and use a own connection, every time. I haven’t a build-in solution in my RV, right now. All GL.iNet Devices I know are very service-friendly (with broken warranty, of course).

At the moment I’m on tour with my Beryl (GL-MT1300). And checking at home the Slate AX (GL-AXT1800).
The Beryl is very reliable and works fine in nearly every situation. The Power need of 3A is still a little downside, even if it is just the peak, not continuous.

The Slate is interesting, because GL.iNet has put a lot of work in the Firmware 4.x. There are still some hick-ups, but I understand at the various of possible network solutions and nearly nobody cares for a implementation 100% compliant to the specs.
Since I’m testing GL.iNet, I see nearly every day, even my beloved AVM Fritz!Box does a lot of ‘own specs’.

I, personally, have had great success with GL-X750V2 (Spitz). Been using it for just under a year now.

I mainly fallback from 3g/4g to WiFi, and can also do it the other way around if WiFi is better (manual operation by changing ‘priority’). Also store manuals and recipes on the router and can allow a Guest WiFi network as well…

It is usually wired to a Poynting XPOL-1, which I have found adequate in most cases (6 years experience with that).

Based on my last two weeks of using the AXT1800 as a travel, I can’t recommend it in its current state. I suspect that as the software matures it will be a great product (though large and heavy for a travel router), but the software is unfinished right now, and as a travel router it leaves a lot to be desired (before you get into the questions about 3G/4G coverage).

I’ll be happy to reassess in a few months, but as always: “Never buy a hardware product based on a promised future software update.”


Is this one available for Europe / Netherlands, when i look i aonly see VS and brazil

I guess that my choise depends if i can get a working usb 3g/4g modem that i can stick in the travelrouter.
If this adapter also has a extern antenne possibility it would be great!
Do you have experience with a usb 3g/4g that works in europe?

Yes, mine has EP06-E 3/4g module in it and works well. (Check out Amazon - other outlets are available!)

BTW, mine is installed in a Motorhome with an added Buck/Boost PSU which adds protection from spikes, and connected to Habitation Battery.

We roll up, log in to local WiFi using GL.inet Inerface/Web page (if needed) and allow connection to Mobile Network. All devices ‘just connect’ to Router. It also means we can get WiFi while travelling.

Not checked in Europe yet, but module is specced for EU.

I find one on stock in
GL-X750 (Spitz) Versie 2, 4G LTE OpenWrt VPN Router, 128GB Max MicroSD, AC750 Dual-Band Wi-Fi, IoT Gateway, VPN Client en Server (EP06-E) : Elektronica
Only no specs that the lte is working with europe bands…

Check out the GL.iNet site regarding Spitz See the drop down 4G LTE Modem. CAT 6 is faster than CAT 4.

yes, i see, but no EU(rope) version…

EMEA = Europe, Middle East, Asia
APAC = Asia Pacific Countries
BR = Brazil (I think - I stopped at EMEA)

Lots of info here…

(from web page)
Working Area:
EMEA: Europe, the Middle East and Africa
APAC: Asia-Pacific (Excluding Japan and CMCC)
and Brazil

ahh, learned again. This will be the one!
Thanks Theodopolus!


last question about cat4 or cat6…

  • Do my components, pc, or anything else also has to bee cat 6 or could it be cat4
  • Do cat4 has more bands then cat6 in europe

CAT 4 and CAT 6 is to do woth the 4gLTE Module, your devices are ‘at the other end’ of the electronics (WiFi or LAN), so not affected.



Other CAT numbers are available, so basically throughput (CAT 6 basically twice as fast as CAT 4).

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We are away at the moment (first time for a while), and using Node-RED and the Router API, I have monitored the signal strength of the Mobile Internet signals using both the GL.iNet Antenna and the Poynting XPOL-1.

TBH, I now don’t think it is worth the extra money for the Poynting as the signal strengths are virtually identical. When I had my old router, the Poynting definitely made a difference!