GL-X750V2 - 12V voltage in the camper

Hey Gl.inet!

The GL-X750V2 was designed and advertised for use in camper vehicles.

In the specifications, the Spitz can be operated with 12V.

Most campers in Europe are equipped with 12V technology, but the on-board network usually fluctuates between 11.5 volts and 14.4 volts.

Can the Spitz be operated in the camper under these conditions or is a 12 volt voltage stabilizer required?



If the voltage fluctuates 14.4V for a short time, it can be used. It is not recommended to use it in a 14.4V environment for a long time. The maximum voltage must not exceed 16V.

short term is relative!

14 volts from the vehicle’s alternator may have been present for a long time while driving.

The charge controller of the photovoltaic system also repeatedly reaches 14.4 volts.

I use a Buck/Boost Module for my Camper/Motorhome.

They are available for a reasonable price (think insurance) on various auction sites. You need to make sure it is capable of supplying adequate current for the Router. This description should lead to a 3A version. I do protect the supply and output side with a fuse. I have run my newer GL-X750V2 and previously, a DWR921 from this.

3.5-28V to 1.25-26V DC-DC Converter Boost Buck Step Up Step Down Voltage Module

Disclaimer: This is just what I use, so far, I have not had a problem. But…


I’ve used it on 12v outlet with usb to barrels connector and it works fine. At first it was rebooting but after update and turning down tx power of WiFi a bit It work.

I would strongly recommend looking into some filtering/protection if the router will be connected directly to automotive power at any time. Automotive power is notoriously spiky & noisy.

I don’t know specifics because I haven’t gotten this far in my camper build yet, but there are definitely components out there which can be used to filter automotive power and prevent noise from causing data corruption, or voltage spikes from causing a dead router.