Advise on the home vpn server setup

I need to use ISP provided modem/router device. on top off that, I would like to do below

  1. host my own wireguard vpn server at home
  2. have wifi setup connected to above vpn server. so that all my devices are on the vpn at home
    Please advise on this setup. which devices would server this purpose.

Thanks in advance.

You can just set up a one router as wireguard server and another as client. I don’t see any special requirements.

Dear @alzhao ,
Which router would you suggest to use it in home as VPN server? Cheap, affordable and the best. Thanks

MT300N-V2 is OK. It can provide 40-50Mbps wireguard speed so enough for you to use when you travel.

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Thanks @alzhao for your quick response. I have already ordered GL-AR750S / Slate. Are you suggesting AR750S to be converted into VPN Server to be stationed at home and carry the MT300N-V2 as a VPN Client when I travel? Thanks

Actually I’d like to do another way. Put MT300N-V3 at home and work as server. Then carry AR750S as vpn client.

The reason is, when traveling, a dual band router works much better.

When using as vpn server, you don’t need the WiFi at all. So MT300N-V2 is enough.

Just remember to change LAN IP of at least one router to others eg By default both router use and could cause problems.

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