After an Automatic Update to AP 4.0, Internet is Perm Throttled and Unusably Slow

I have been using the GL.iNet x750 for a while now and it has worked flawlessly for my home internet using an extra sim card line I had for free. It was initially pretty hard to get right and took a lot of testing different settings to make the internet fast *enough. A few days ago, however, the Admin Panel updated to version 4.0 and along with the numerous visual differences, there seems to be something that changed and made my internet go from a few MB/s to 0.5mb/s and no matter what I do, it won’t change. I have spent hours scrolling through the forums and searching the issue online, just for the problem to continue. I have completely reset the router, I have moved it to different locations, I have reset everything connected to it, changed the bands, played with the TTL, I have even tried different SIM cards and still nothing. All cells have excellent connection, and it’s pretty obvious that it’s being throttled heavily when streaming video works flawlessly but the internet is not useable. The only thing I have not done yet is contact T-Mobile themselves but I want to see if there are other options before doing that. Another solution I have thought of is going back down a version of the admin panel but I am not sure if that is safe, possible or even worth it.
If any other information is needed please let me know. Thank you

You can compare the information about the channel and check if there’s any difference.

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