After site to site VPN established , what if goodcloud service down?

I just bough couple MV1000 and try to build multiple site to site VPN with goodcloud and it’s really easy to do so ! great work !
But I have some questions aboyt goodcloud , let’s said I create VPN with 4 mv1000 node , and VPN just works, what if now goodcloud service going down ? my vpn will remain work or VPN just disconnected ?

Your setup remains work as long as the main node does not change IP address.

Thanks for reply!
and what should I do if the main node change ip?


whenever i setup a router or use a site-to-site vpn and the wan ip address is dynamic, i always use a reliable ddns service for each node.
Dynamic DNS - Wikipedia

i am sure that goodcloud is also doing ddns, but no idea how reliable their service is.

It would reconnect if public IP changed.

It is not DDNS but cloud is managing this.

thanks for the calification.

as the question is “what if now goodcloud service going down”
i would use ddns on all the routers, as it costs little to no noney and is easy to setup.