After some hours GL-SFT1200 go down with lan/wan speed

HEllo, every some hours the router GL-SFT1200 reach only 200mbps and i need to restart it to reach newly at least 700mbps… it doesn’t run any other plugin or custom configuration

Can you check if the CPU load is high when this happens?

Are you doing some streaming consistantly?

sometimes yes … in the sense that we play music online… and the bandwidth go down creating problems to the live play…

please solve with a firmware fix… it’s not possible that a router go down with the speed

no news?
i tried also to reset config and start from 0. same issue

Could you attach your log files (before restarting, because a restart will flush them)?

Sorry I have no clue

sorry i’m really busy with work… please stress your device with continuos traffic like 500/600mps h24 and this will happen.