After upgrading to 3.207 firmware remote login buttons are missing from goodcloud

Hi, I upgraded by SF1200 VPN to the latest 3.207 firmware and now the buttons no longer exist to load the remote access to the goodcloud remote management. It looked like a little internet explorer button.

Has anyone else noticed this? I looked to see if it was moved to another menu, but I don’t see it anywhere.

Any help would be appreciated!


You can check button of remote feature, make sure it’s enabled.

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Yes, I checked locally on the router all remote access options are enabled and there is no option anymore after updating to 3.207. It was previously there and working right before I applied the update.

I have over 15 GL.iNet routers i remotely manage so I am very familiar with the good cloud interface.

See here, no more icons for goodcloud or terminal

We have fixed it ,please clear your webage cache and try it again

Thank you! I see them now. Great work :melting_face:

apologies for resurecting this but I have exactly the same issue, added 5 devices last night and non of them have the icons displaying in goodcloud. i have cleared cache and tried another PC but to no avail. any advice?


I didn’t really do anything, they just randomly appeared for me after I mentioned something on the forums. Really weird… best of luck, wish I had more info for you :frowning:

What’s your model of device and the version of firmware?

Mt300n-v2 on version 3.203, 3.204 and 3.211