Aggregating two mobile hotspots

Hi all,

My wife and I both have unlimited data mobile plans and while we are living in our RV off-grid we both use our own mobile hotspot connections for internet. This works fine for the most part. The issue we have is with our smart TV - it can only save one WiFi network at a time. So we can either connect to my mobile hotspot or my wife’s - but then if that person leaves the RV, we have to reconnect the TV to the other person’s hotspot.

My question - would a GL-MT300N-V2 (Mango) be suitable for our needs? My understanding is it will create it’s own WiFi network and re-broadcast either my mobile hotspot connection or my wife’s (I can have the two networks saved in order of preference?). And it will seamlessly switch between my phone and my wife’s connection if one disappears. So then from the TV’s perspective it only see’s one WiFi connection and happy days?

Thanks for your help.

Hi @yeger23080 please bear with me. I can’t test this. And I am not a staff member. So be warned.

It is possible to use your mobile phone as a modem. You wil have to plug in your phone using a USB cable and enable sharing your phones internet connection over USB. The implementaton of this functionality and the way of enabling it can differ per phone manufacturer. Make sure you have tested this out on a computer or laptop.
PS, the documentation of the functionality: Tethering - GL.iNet Router Docs 4

What is also a possbility is to invest in a router with a built in modem. Some providers allow its users to have multiple SIM cards that use the same subscription.
This way their will always be internet, but it can only use 1 subscription at a time.

Theoretically that should work. If you use your Mango in repeater mode and connect both your and your wife’s phone via hotspot, then the Mango will remember both WiFi hotspots and connect to the active one. Then connect the TV to your Mango’s WiFi.

You’ll obviously have to have your phones set to hotspot but can bounce between the two depending on who’s home. Should be easier to just turn on/off your hotspot on one of your phones then reconnecting your TV

The other option would be to just name both your hotspots the same on both phones and turn on or the other off depending on who’s home/available.

Those would be different WiFi networks with different SSIDs, wouldn’t they? Naming both hotspots the same would just create confusion when they are both active.