AirPrint cups on GL router

I managed to install the cups print server on the mesh router.
I have also installed avahi-demon for AirPrint and printer is now visible for AirPrint.
It then works to print from the Mac by configuring the printer to “raw” and choosing the right ppd directly on the Mac when I add the printer.(by AirPrint of with IPP on my Mac, perfect)
But :
However, I couldn’t get the printer to work by uploading the ppd directly to Cups. There’s a problem with the filter or something else…

Here is what I found:

If you have a special PostScript Printer Description (ppd)-file for your printer, copy it to /usr/share/cups/model/ and restart cupsd. Cups will install it in /etc/cups/ppd and you can choose it via the web interface. ( You can also upload a PPD file through the web interface. The trick here is that without Ghostscript you are unlikely to get on-router file conversion to work.
You really get two alternatives:

  1. use the printer with a raw queue, and set drivers (i.e. PPD) in your computer/laptop. In this case, the file conversion and preparation will be done on your computer/laptop (as opposed to on the router)
  2. add printing drivers to your router. Notice that the usual “Linux printing drivers/filters” stack requires more space than a normal router has. If you’ve extended your root space and are willing to do some cross compilation, you can try these unofficial packages openwrt-printing-packages

I have the alternative 1 now that work but I want to print from my iOS device and need so the alternative 2.
I would like to try to install GitHub - FranciscoBorges/openwrt-printing-packages: Printing packages for OpenWrt
but I don’t know if this is possible? I can’t for example install “ghostscript” on the router, package no exist ?

Hope someone can help. Sorry I do not have experience