AliExpress store

Does Gl Inet have any stores on with there Travel Routers.
That would be very handy.

What i like on AliExpress is that they accept Dutch Ideal payments,and most products are send without big paper boxes enclosures , just the goods in a bubble envelope with low value price on it like 8 dollar

A tiny router with a EU adapter would fit nicely in a small envelope , and doesnt attracts too much attention from customs. :+1:t2:.

Thats the succes from AliExpress, and what i like.

I ordered from to belgium. Quick and came ina small box that fit in the mailbox.
I don’t have experience with Alixepress to belgium, but to portugal I had sometimes issues. I thought the item was coming from europe but instead it was sent from China. That made me pay extra on customs.

Hmm that sucks.

If i order a 50 dollar router and the SELLER has put it into a BIG paper box with High value on it i have to pay $ 29,- USD Tax to Customs.

Thats not gonna happen . Thats when AliExpress comes in handy. No high value signs on the envelope, and no big paper boxes.

The thing with Amazon is that without a credit card u cannot pay, or i must buy German Amazon gift cards with 10% extra profit for the seller of the cards.

In the Netherlands we can import tax free from outside EU up to a value of 22 Euro

There are lots of aliexpress stores selling GL products, but no official store.

We don’t have any stores on AliExpress.con. Here are list of the official store.

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Amazon AU

Newegg US

eBay Store UK




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Those shops UK IT DE got the higest prices were i’m newer gonna buy a chinese product thats 17 usd higer in price.

I will keep an eye on AliExpress fore some fake ones from unknown sellers.

Its really strange that GL Inet dont have a AliExpress store.

Ebay, and Amazon are not very popular in Europe. Banggood ,AliExpress, Fasttech are the biggest with Ali on number one.

Amazon is not popular in the EU? hahaha :smiley:

The issue with aliexpress is sellers don’t get their items returned if something is wrong with the product, so it is not good business to have an “official” store for this.

Would you still order from Aliexpress if GL had an official store but if the device was broken you HAD to send it back before a refund? I think not, and that is why they don’t have a store there :wink:

You probably shouldn’t write on the internet of your plans to tax evade, there are lots of eyes and ears here :wink:

Yes AliExpress for me because no big retail package, and lower value on envelope.

If i have to send something back from NLD to China i have to pay €27 Euro’s 31USD shipping. Ebay allways shows the full pricetags on the package because of Paypal.

The only thing i bought on Ebay were 300 rapira voskhod blades from Russian Federation, because Ali didn’t had them.

Insurance on Ebay is better than with AliExpress.

Dutch people like AliExpress, and buy more from Ali then from freabay. Tgats what i hear from around my area.

for customers who want to buy GL routers with more options, please visit our official online store

No thanks, AliExpress for me.

There are lots of stores, pick one on Aliexpress.

Aliexpress is a good choice, abandon resources.