Allow custom dns name in WGserver and Openvpn server

Would be nice to have modifiable wireguard client export along with openvpn server export client config.
enable ddns can be left blank (shadow text) or custom.

can read “enable glddns or custom”

We will discuss this feature.
Can you describe how you need to use it? Do you need to use IPv6 as EndPoint? do you have port forwarding set up in your main router?

You mean here you want to have a text box to modify?


for example.
when the new radio button for “Use GL-DDNS Domain or Custom” is slid right a custom input field will alow you enter the Custom Server Name or IP address. if radio is slide right and nothing is input to the input field, in shadow text " " for both wg and openvpn

Understood. Slightly eaiser than editing the ovpn manually.

Your response here would have been the shorter version of my elongated explanation. :wink: but also in the wg server profiles for each user when you create a qrcode to send to the user.