Allow making IPv6 dynamic DNS point to LAN client

Hello, is fine for IPv4 but for IPv6 it only allows using its own, making it useless when needing to point to a LAN client (e.g. a server).

Therefore, it would be nice to add an option allowing to make the dynamic DNS to use said selected device’s IPv6 instead of its own.


I believe gl ddns is still not compatible with IPv6.

Anyone can confirm that?

As I said, it actually is, but it creates an AAAA record pointing to the router itself, while I need to point to a server on my network.


That’s how it should be. DDNS is for the router only.

I got it ! That’s easy you can point it to any IP of your choice. The ddns update command can be found at:


To construct the values needed for the update command, look at this script: