Allow multiple VPN services at once? OpenVPN client, Wireguard Server

Hi, I’d like to know if its possible for my Spitz to be able to run multiple VPN services concurrently so I can have an outbound OpenVPN client connection established, and an inbound Wireguard server connection established.

When connecting my outbound OpenVPN client I’m attempting to start my Wireguard server but am prompted with “Warning: Conflicts! All other VPN services must be stopped first.”

I’ve read it might be possible by keeping the routing seperate.

If you turn on wireguard server and openvpn client at the same time on the router,

when wireguard client connect to this router, should the data goes to openvpn tunnel as well?

This is quite confusing so we do not allow this by design.

Technically you can do anything.

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