Alternate Power Supply for Beryl AX (GL-MT3000)

We have a new Beryl AX and I know from the data sheet that the power input is Type-C, 5V/3A.
I would like to know if the router is compatible with a USB-C power delivery (PD) charger.
We currently own the uGreen charger at this link. I used the Ugreen charger for a short troubleshooting test and it works without any issues. For convenience, I would like to travel with as little as possible but I do not want to cause damage to the router.
I found one reference in the forum confirming that the router may be safely used with a reasonable quality third party power supply.
The difference in my case is using the Power Delivery Standard (PD). From what I understand the PD charger starts at 5V 900mA and then escalates voltage and amperage based on the draw from the device.
Iā€™d appreciate any recommendations from tech support or the community so that we use the correct power supply and the router will operate without any concerns.

For reference, the Ugreen charge seems to negotiate based on the component requirements and has the following specs.
USB-C at 65W Max

USB-PD will increase voltage only when negotiated. If the adaptor supplies 5V and allows for 3 (or more) A of draw, it should work. USB-PD is not used by the MT3000.

Yes it does. Just use standard TypeC PD adapter.

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Thanks for your reply, everything is working well.