Amateur with piratebox

Sorry to post this here but piratebox forum is closed. I’ve tried now with two routers(AR150) to implement piratebox and I cannot make it work. Is this project beyond the capabilities of an amateur? I’ve tried to reset both routers, but no luck. I’ve tried UBoot, but can’t make it work. I’m ready to give up and resolve myself to not being able to do projects like this(I’m 64). It’s tough to admit that some things are just past your doing. In the meantime I’ve got two routers two that are useless to me. Can anyone offer any help? What we be a reason that I can make UBOOT work? Sorry for all the whining, I am at the end of my tether.

Unless the Piratebox folks have messed with uBoot, you should be able to get back into Firmware Recovery.

Download a stable copy of the AR150 firmware first, so you have it handy… 3.017 is the current release