Amazon FreeRTOS

Is there anything on the roadmap to support Amazon FreeRTOS?

Considering that FreeRTOS (or any RTOS, for that matter) is intended for a very different class of operating requirements than for router operation, what would be the use case?

We use the ar300m as an IoT gateway but we don’t use the GL iot cloud. Considering that Gl-iNet has an IoT cloud and is releasing an iot gateway dedicated device Gl-s1300, this would be under that purview. We run a python app on the ar300m to poll power reading from a wifi smart plug. This would make it easier to leverage these devices to scale out a large network of thousands of iot gateways.

How does running an RTOS on the GL-AR300M or GL-S1300 help?

Certainly on your IoT device, I can understand the need, between limited system resources and, perhaps, precise timing needs. I just don’t see what an RTOS on a gateway provides you, especially one with sufficient resources to run a fully multitasking kernel that already has the driver support needed, along with a rich set of application software, such as MQTT brokers and the like.

I guess my only reason to “dumb” down the device would be out of the box integration and more realtime communication. I guess at the end of the day I am really looking for a streamlined process to hook these into AWS IoT.

mosquitto and MQTT over TLS — supported and “standard” for AWS

Check this:

You can send data to AWS IoT using our existing firmware.

Amazon RTOS should only work on raspberry etc.