Android App and GoodCloud

On my last trip, when I used my Beryl to update the WIFI and Password, I would use the browser and change to airplane mode on my phone before updating the information.

I have installed the app and want to get familiarize with the app before my next trip. I have a few questions. In order to use the app:

I have “Enabled GoodCloud”, “Remote SSH” and “Remote Web” on the router.

What are these functions:

  • “Remote SSH” (this needs to be enabled Secure Shell)
  • “Remote Web”

I have gotten it to work but is there anything else recommended?

Thank You

There are different opinions on the use of cloud solutions… I do not, but it is okay, if you have use for it.
If you not using the cloud, just enabled ist, because it was easy: I would think twice if it was nessecary.

You should not activate Remote access.

The Beryl has ‘two legs’, one to the LAN and one to the WAN (internet), and it handles the traffic in between (routing).
Remote I’m this context means WAN, so everybody from the Internet side could access your Web-Admin-Panel or login via SSH. Of course there is a password Thet needed to be guessed. But I would not trust this a secure.
In most cases it is enough to configure the Beryl, when you are connected on the LAN side.

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I appreciate your inputs for this. I have gotten the router to work on my last trip without the need for the App or the GoodCloud Remote functions. But since I have time now, I was just researching if this is an alternative solution.

If there is not a need for this, most likely I will uninstall the app and stick to my previous method.

Thank You again for your help.