Android phone: can't see Spitz 5GHz wifi network

I have set up my Spitz with both a 2.4GHz and 5GHz wifi, and I can use both with other devices (eg my laptop) without any problem, but I can’t see the 5GHz network on my Pixel 2 - it only shows the 2.4GHz network, and that works fine.
I can, however, use a 5GHz wifi network on another router, so I know it’s not a problem with my Pixel 2 specifically.

Any ideas what might be wrong?

You can try switching Spitz’s 5G channel

OK, so, yeah, it works on the 2 digit channels, but none of the 3 digit channels work.
Is this a quirk of Android?

I see other people with the same problem:

I’ve been using the app ‘Wifi Analyzer’ to measure/etc and it seems to suggest I switch the channel to 149, 153, 157, or 161…‘better channels’, is says. I guess because no one else is using those. Perhaps there’s a good reason :confused:

In different countries and regions, due to military and meteorological needs, some channels will be limited

Hrm, that’s interesting. How does it know where I am? GPS? What if I turn it off?
If I go to a different country with my device(s), does it then change which channels are available?

It all sounds very impractical.

Perhaps because my phone (Pixel 2) is American? I wonder if it was purchased in the USA…(it was supplied by my company, so I’m not sure).

It is not GPS, it is distinguished by country code, we have not made a distinction between different countries, if you must, you can try to modify on luci

What is ‘country code’? Is that stored somewhere on the phone?

I guess it doesn’t matter…I’m just curious. I can only presume it is a restriction on phones from the US.

i would imagine a cfg somewhere contains the country code

I think on current android the region setting is picked up by the issuing sim card inserted in it.!/

Interesting. Maybe I’ll get something different if I take the sim out. I’m going to China tomorrow so that might give me a different result too. I’d be good to get one of those unused channels :slight_smile:

With no sim it could well configure itself as the most restrictive settings valid everywhere. At most it may give you the settings for the region the device was originally set to be sold in.

This may help.

I don’t believe Spitz is DFS certified so any channel listed as DFS will not be usable.