Android VPN Leak discovered by Mullvad

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iOS has the same problem

Seems the best way to prevent data leak is

  1. Remove SIM card
  2. Use vpn on router.

Doing some research eSIM, if used will still send even with SIM pulled. A factory reset or better yet never installing a SIM was advised. Are you sure that is iOS16 VPN leak (or root system special privilege elevation) has been observed since iOS14. But actually with the new accident detection stuff is believable. Its also can all be fixed with settings but services would be turned off and loose functionality, might as well carry a brick.

I would like to add an important addition to your list, since it is not complete and those who read it will think ok, I pulled out the sim card, but how to call? We need to give users a real solution.

  1. Install Replicant (for Android) the most free operating system. An alternative option is to buy Librem5 (now there are problems with delivery, waiting 2-4 years is expensive from $ 800-2000)) or buy Pinephone Pro

  2. Buy a MUDI router (4g router) be sure to reflash it as it does not work stably through the interface. Hope here on the forum there will be a good person who will post instructions on how to build a custom rom

  3. Use only decentralized messengers through which you can call, write, video calls

:point_down:Below is a screenshot for general understanding :point_down: