Another bricked ar300m question

I have an ar300m that I bought last year and finally decided to start tinkering with it… So, I upgraded the firmware with openwrt-gl-ar300m-clean-2.264.img and then did some nand flashing and after a couple install fails I think I bricked it. I’ve followed the other threads with holding reset and waiting for the 5-6 blinks and then the red led stays solid etc (holding in reset then powering on) and usually that would bring up “GL-inet” AP and I’d connect through with my computer set to and reflash. At this moment I’m not getting any APs to connect to. It started before I touched anything: GL-AR300M-oa1, then the firmware up/downgrade: GL-AR300M-NOR, then GL-inet and now finally nothing… Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  1. “Clean” firmware is not the GL firmware.
  2. When upgrading you want the tar file (img is for Uboot).

Thank you for the clarifications! Thinking back, it’s possible that I may have toggled off the unit’s wifi radio. Should I still be able to shut off my mac’s wifi and just access either 1.1 or 8.1 through a hard wire? Or ssh into it through terminal? What behaviors are demonstrated by a “bricked” unit? I can still hold down reset and get the 5 blinking red lights and then it goes solid. My unit when it was working correctly never did the rapid led blinking to indicate it was in uboot mode as other threads have suggested.

If you flashed other firmware, including the clean firmware (it really means clean without any configurations), you will not have the original function.

So, please flash the correct firmware back using uboot Overview - GL.iNet Docs