Antenna cables for Spitz AX


I have a Spitz AX and a Panaroama Antennas LGMQM4-60-24-58. While I can connect the cellular antennas without issues (the connectors fit), I cant connect the wifi antennas. Therefore I have the following questions:

  • am I right, that i need an SMA (f) to SMA (m) cable to extend the cellular antennas?
  • Is the wifi antenna connector on the router SMA or RP-SMA (because of the „thornie“ thing i guess its RP-SMA)
  • which connector is needed to connect the wifi antennas to the router? Am I right, that I need RP-SMA (f) to RP-SMA (f)? - see the attached photo (please excuse the bad quality).

I hope someone can help in ordering the right cables.

Best regards and thanks in advance!

HI, you need RP-SMA antenna connector,Just like the below.

Amazon has a myriad of SMA/RP-SMA and Male/Female adapters.

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Cellular antenna cable extensions are often a bad idea. They introduce a significant signal loss with higher frequencies. If at all possible try to avoid. Also too long cable (say more than 15 ft) is bad.

I know, that there is a signal loss with antenna extensions. I just needed a connector to connect my external antenna on the roof of my camping car. Therefore I ordered now an 8 inch cable to connect the external Wifi and cellular antennas.

I will think about reducing the cable length, if I have signal issues, so many thanks!

I think you will find that there could be problems when ‘cutting’ a cable.

My understanding is that for the best ‘match’ for RF, they need to be cut to precise lengths (a function of the wavelength). On some equipment, there are/were Aerial Tuning Units to overcome this problem. some kind of Impedance Network. It is all to do with Forward and Reflected Power - reflective power being bad for the unit generating the RF. All antenna should be purchased to match the frequencies being used.

I have to add that most of my experience was on CB and LF radios.

EDIT: See next post from Battista.xie

Please do not worry about the signal loss with just 8 inch antenna extensions.The impact can be negligible.

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