Any ideas now to setup Sonos across 2 subnets?


I have my home router setup as and it contains most of my home devices including Sonos. This router is connected to the WAN port of my Beryl (MT1300). The Beryl has a VPN running and policies to direct traffic by domain.

The issue I’m having is connecting to my Sonos devices when i phone is logged into the Beryl’s wifi. There a lots of (for me) incomplete and confusing OpenWRT posts about how to set this up, but none that i have been able to get working.

Any guidance would be very much appreciated.

Thanks !

This is a tough setup.

Sonos does not let you how it works, as most of the device makers.

Ok, thanks. I’m thinking of redesigning my network setup, so this problem might go away…

Did you ever get this to work?
I too am trying to have various sonos devices over two houses.

i have glinet site 2 site and have tried wireguard vpn’s between the two, but can’t get it to work

i’m like you… not technical enough to figure it out.


Nope, I didn’t and then just moved on…