Any issue with stock OpenWRT on Mifi product?

I need to be able to install custom firmware based on the OpenWRT distribution for an application I have in mind. The MiFi router is ideal for this application. Is there any reason why I wouldn’t be able to build my own OpenWRT for the MiFi device? I don’t see any patches yet in the github repo.

you can use the openwrt repo from gl-inet it is based on the clean openwrt stable release


Wonderful! Thanks!

We are submitting to LEDE and openwrt trunk.

Just if you want to use trunk now, compile using AR150 as the target. It will just works. The only problem is that you need to take care of the LEDs.

Oh, that’s very cool. Thank you! I am already building a distribution for the AR-150 that does the same thing, but we have to use a USB wifi adapter and a separate mifi to get it online. :slight_smile: