Any plans for 5Gb/s Ethernet Ports?

I have purchased MT 1300 Beryl.

Thankfully it has USB 3 which allows up to 625 MB/s.

I have a 5G spare phone that is capable of downloading up to 550 MB/s (4.4 Gb/s) of which I plan to tether via USB C 3.1 to USB A 3.0.

Problem is the ethernet is only 1000 Mb/s which is only 125 MB/s and WiFi is even slower.

Even if I bond ethernet, 2.4G and 5G WiFi together in optimal conditions, it still would not be able to match the download speed of the phone.

Really need to start putting in 5 Gb/s ethernet ports in your products at a minimum because 5G mobile is already here!

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yes, the need of a higher speed Ethernet product does exit.

Your 5G speed 4.4Gb/s is unbelievable.

I’m sorry to say I’m incorrect. I realised all my measurement was supposed to be in Mb instead of MB

Best speed I got off my phone is 550 Mb/s which turned out to be 68.75 MB/s.

Altough I have a M1 Mac with a 10 Gb/s ethernet port :slight_smile:

This make more sense