Any plans for WiFi 7 device with at least 4 2.5Gb Ethernet ports?

I use the Brume 2 as a FW, VPN and AdGuard device, and then I need an 8 port SW + a WiFi access point on top. So, I wonder if, let’s say next year, I can replace all 3 devices with new technologies like WiFi 7 and 2.5Gb ports packed together in one case, one single admin tool, ideally a Gli.Net one since I like what you’re doing in terms of UX and support.
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@conrad.siegfried It will be possible in the next year, we are studying the technical solution of WIFI7.



Any updates for a WiFi 7 router?
Interested in the Flint 2 (GL-MT6000) | High-Performance VPN Router - GL.iNet ( but want a WiFi 7 router but compatible (in the future) with OpenWRT.

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Even something pretty high-end as a Banana Pi BPI-R4 does not have wifi 7 and 4 x 2,5Gbps ports. Sadly something like a AsiaRF AW7256-P01 does not fit on that…

The Banana Pi BPI-R4 would be a mad router with 2 x 10 gbit, 4 x 1 gbit and tri-band (2.4GHz, 5GHz, 6GHz) wifi if something like that AsiaRF AW7256-P01 would be possible. Sadly Banana Pi itself is not clear that they would make such a wifi-board for the Banana Pi BPI-R4.

AsiaRF AW7256-P01 with 14 antenna on wifi 7 would make it a “class” BE19000. So 19 Gbps in wifi-rate numbers. That’s the rate of 3 Flint 2 (on different channels) together!

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For me personally I am just interested in a WiFi 7 router that has a chipset that hopefully will be supported by OpenWRT in the future, 4x2.5Gbps-ports isn’t on my list of requirements.

there a lot of bugs and issues on the actual product and you are asking a new feature!

It is impossible to find what you need in the Gl.inet products .

i kinda got mixed feelings about this :wink:

yea it is great and all, but open source in general works very different.

When wifi 6 was just out, wifi 5 had a similar milestone of being more ‘stable’ for most of their platforms, wifi 6 is still not so much stable, some platforms maybe (?)…

But at this point wifi 7 drivers are not in OpenWrt (yet), yup im aware they are adding driver support for the new wifi 7 module for BPI R4 which only a very few have their hands on as for adding support but not the final board.

i’ve been following that thread some time they only want to produce them for the masses when that driver works that is why it takes so long :+1:, im just optimistic for the stable road, i say 2 years from when the first wifi 7 drivers hit OpenWrt release to consider them really stable :wink:

in the mean time wifi 6 is alot more matured from my opinion :slight_smile: