Any routers with two radios?

I want a router to run as a TOR or OpenVPN router.

The router needs to connect via WiFi to the internet AP. Then encrypt it (VPN or TOR) and then create another WiFi access point that is encrypted (tor/VPN)

So it looks like this:

INTERNET AP ----< WIFI > ------ GL-iNet Router (OpenVPN/TOR) ------- < WIFI > ------- <LAPTOP>

Does that mean I need a router with two wireless radio’s (one to connect to internet and one to create second AP?

Which GL-inet routers have two wireless radio’s?



The latest GLi firmware includes an OpenVPN client and supports many common vendors. There are TOR versions for at least some of the devices, but I do not think these versions include the VPN.

There is a ‘clean’ version of software for most of the GLi devices (clean= similar to the OpenWrt delivered, no GLi gui) and you can build your own OpenVPN client, server or TOR device from there if you wish.

There are no devices from anyone that offer dual radios on 2.4ghz. There is one GLi that hopefully will offer dual band capabilities in the near future, but it’s one radio on each of the bands. A single radio works in the above scenario very well with one issue. If your configured STAtion is not available, the LAN side will hang. There are various methods well documented here and on OpenWrt to address this, the easiest and most reliable is to mod the switch function to kill\disable the STAtion side. Search. You can alternatively run a USB device for a second radio.

As RangerZ said, the configuration you wish will work fine with a single radio.

At the moment, I’m using the same exact setup on an MT300A as I type this, in the same configuration, Hotel Wifi -> MT300A Configured as a wireless client -> My SSID (Netowrk tunneled via VPN) -> My Laptop

Works great, I get pretty good performance as well.