Any suggestions on NAS Function?

I have one question. After I selected one share folder, I cannot change the path when I edit it again.
The only way is to delete this sharing setting and create a new one. Can we make the “path” to be changeable after creating the share folder?


To add to this, I am testing read/write speeds of both SSD and spinning HDD. When I swap Drive 1 with Drive 2, then swap Drive 2 with Drive1 back again in the USB 3.0 port, the Shared Folder “Validity” of Drive 1 shows up as Unusable" and I have to add the same Shared Folder for Drive 1 again for the same Path.

Also, I would prefer the function to be named “File Sharing” instead of “NAS”.

After some more testing, “Validity” can still show up as “Usable”, but the share is not actually accessible. I have to delete the Shared Folder and add it back again to make it work.

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Same behaviour with file paths if I swap disks.
Testing writing speeds with a Pioneer 128GB Microsd, I have a Solid 32 MB/S on both usb 3.0 Port (Using a Kingston USB 3.0 adapter) and SD card slot.
Using the same MicroSD on Beryl, I only have 12 MB/S writing speed at maximum with Samba (no sensible difference between EXT4 or NTFS file format).
From this night I am gonna use the MicroSD card as a NAS for my 2 security cameras, will se how it goes.

Am in agreeance here.

I can’t do any current comparisons as my Velicas that I use as my daily driver has no USB ports, so my “NAS” stick has lived on my streaming box but I really like the fact that unlike 3.x that you actually get Samba with user permissions compared to the old SMB1 share.

Easy to setup, seems to work fine (for my needs - storage and streaming of video to various devices)

This will be most useful in my new setup.

Gotta admit, “NAS” does raise expectations that may not be there.

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