Any travel routers support WiFi 6E?

Does any of the GL.iNet (or others) support WiFi 6E?

I see that they support WiFi 6 but I’m not sure about 6E.

No, none of them do support 6E. Not sure why you really need 6Ghz in a travel router…

Currently even their latest home wifi router (Flint 2) does not do 6E.

… & Wi-Fi 7 is on the horizon.

One advantage I can see, given that most hotels / storefronts would likely not have 6e/7 any time soon, is that the 6ghz band could be used for your own wireless network leaving 2.4/5ghz for grabbing thier signal. So less interference & max badwidth to you as you would be repeating on the much less used spectrum.

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True, but in my experience the bottleneck is rarely that. More frequently I see speed limits on the actual internet speeds.

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