Any true gigabit gl.inet devices yet?

I have been waiting a long time to see if gl.inet is going to come out with a real, hardware level gigabit interface on any of your routers. Do you have any yet? I know that some come close but they still do not do full gigabit like the gl-ar750 for example. Plenty of posts showing people testing and getting nowhere close to full gigabit.

AR750 is not powerful to get full Gigabit. Is 900+ mbps acceptable or you need more?

The reality is that 900Mbps would probably do but would have me having to explain that it does have such a limit so would not be acceptable to others working on our projects using this hardware. I need something that is truly hardware level gigabit ports.
We often use Intel devices but would love to use gl.inet assuming the price can he held below $100.00.

You can try B1300 which could reach 980Mbps if I remember correctly.

Thanks. I don’t see that listed on Amazon anymore.

That’s the problem with these things, manufacturers keep changing the devices out too fast. It’s nice to see some long term ones like the V2 and the ARxxx for example. In my case, I develop software for some of these things so every time the hardware changes, I lose money having to update my software. I would like to find a gigabit device that will be around for a while but it has to be well under $100.00 otherwise X86 remains the only option.

It is out of stock now. Refilling.

All of my suppliers are having issues with restock. It’s part of the new world, wait for parts hihi.

The B1300 is extremely fast, I got one of those 3 for $75 each deals some months back off NewEgg, best deal I got on there so far!

Thanks for all the input. If the B1300 is under $100, I’ll give it a try once I see them on Amazon again.

The price on the GL.iNET GL-MT300N-V2 went up recently on Amazon and again now. It was raised to $26.xx and now it’s $28.90. When chips become available again, will the prices go back down or will they always remain at this point?

Hard to tell. When supply of chips is better definitely the price may go down. But, inflation is very high in the past 2 years.

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