Any way of getting shipping *faster* to USA?

I typically buy small quantities, 1 to 5 from ebay sellers but these MT300N units are taking up to a month to get to me in the USA. Does gl.inet have any stock in the USA or do we always have to wait such a long time for small quantities?

Most of these routers are available on Amazon, and fulfilled by Amazon. They arrive in 2 days or less when ordered through Amazon Prime. I believe Alzhao is listed as the seller.

I typically order from ebay sellers and this last one I ordered from a place called gearbest which I’ll never do again. Using gearbest, it’s been something like three weeks waiting and it’s still not in yet.

I’ll look on amazon but I thought I had and discounted them as being middle man anyhow so the shipping would be as long as anyone else. Does this mean there is always some stock in the USA? I just emailed gl.inet asking for time frames on 100+ units. If that order happens, I’ll probably include some extras so I don’t have to buy one and two at a time and wait such a long time.

There may be some Chinese sellers on Amazon selling them as a middle man, but as long as you select one that’s “fulfilled by Amazon” or is being sold by alzhao, then Amazon is the only middle man to worry about. If you do an Amazon search for “alzhao” and then filter by “prime” it will only show you the routers in the USA that have no other middle man. I ordered an ar-300M Thursday night, tracking says it will be here on Monday. Price is the same as on

Im not sure if this link works, but try this:

Thank you very much, I’ll give this a try.

You’re right, two days. Does this seller always have stock in the USA? If so, that’s going to be where I get my ones and twos at a time.

We have some stock in the US. But we cannot ensure there is always stock. Some users suddenly buy a lot so it could quickly out of stock. But one or two pcs should be OK.

I basically need a source for small numbers, like 1 to 5 or 10 so I can get them, configure and ship them quickly.

Thanks. I’ve ordered one I need to send off and it’s my first yellow one.

I wrote sales over the weekend asking for pricing on 100+ units. I’ve not heard from anyone yet. Can someone please send me the info I need so I can pass it on to my customer.



seems sales have replied you now.

Yes, they have, thank you. I’ve passed the information on.