Anyone Help with PuTTY & Tftpd64

I haven’t use uboot for a long time. But first, you need to know how to use the following commands


The first one print out the env variables. While the setenv will set the variables.

You will see all the preconfigured uboot tools there. One variables is the server IP address which you must make it correctly.

My problem is I can obviously ping the network card but I can’t ping the router on any ip address eg or the original or the serial, I’ve tried even the WAN port as well as all 4 LAN ports, it does have a USB port that’s all that’s left, my only hope would be to find someone worked for Afoundry, I got my original files from the tech guy at Afoundry, yesterday I found his email address but it bounced back.
Thanks again for everyone’s help.

:slight_smile: good luck!

Thanks that was different

Your uboot is not the factory uboot of gl-inet, and there is no ping command.

Or you can try tftp32 and see if it works. (99.9 KB)

Hi hi it’s an Afoundry router, it looks like they stop trading now, I updated openwrt and bricked it I have been trying to upload using Tftpd64 but it can’t see the LAN port and that’s what I was trying to ping I get no reply hence no upload possible, there is no hardware issue, the menu you see is using a serial connection, it’s a bit over my head if I was honest.