Anyone on the OpenWRT forum?

If anyone is on the OpenWRT forums and can contact any of the admins, their SMTP server is out of service. No one can sign up or recover their passwords. I’ve tried several contacts methods, but I think everything they have is passing through the SMTP server. There’s a post and a ticket on the matter, but without email it is unlikely any admins will see them

Apologies if this outside topic or offends. If that’s the case please let me know or have an admin delete it. I know we have several people here that participate in OpenWRT and didn’t know how else to contact anyone.

I have sent a note to some of the contacts that I happen to have email for, and asked them to reply to the first link, which was authored by myself.

If you get the above errors again, please include specific links and other info for replication.

Thank RangerZ,

It appears someone cleared it overnight. Appreciate you ringing the bell! I’ve been given one of “those” deadlines… known not to work, new hardware and software, and not nearly enough bacon, bourbon, and beer to make it worthwhile.

I documented on your thread over there so as not to clutter here.

Thank you!