Anyone try using Sprint 4G service with GL-MiFi/GL-X750/GL-E750 in the US?

We’re doing a little survey for our product design.
Anyone try using Sprint 4G service with GL-MiFi/GL-X750/GL-E750 router in the US? Please let us know.

I do not use Sprint personally, but I do have a close friend that is a Sprint customer, and I was recently helping him out with Tethering on AR150 (via Google Nexus)

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Hey my new friend!
Help me too? LoL
For real.

I recently decided to change from the Franklin T9 travel router which didn’t have external antenna’s for direct CAT5. My service is on Sprint in the US which is now actually T-Mobile.
I pulled the SIM out of the T9 and plugged it into the Spitz (GL-X750V2) and it connected instantly without configuration.
Now I am able to easily use LTE as a failover on my Unifi Dream machine.
The only bugger is there is no way to bridge the GL-X750V2 but the firewall grabs the DHCP IP. I am going to narrow the DHCP range on the GL-X750V2 and static address it to the MAC of the modem from the Unifi.
I hope this helps.
fyi I tried the Netgear 1100 router and the CradlePoint 800 neither was I able to get configured.
I hope this helps.

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