Anything I should know before buying?

Looking for a simple travel device that will allow me to always connect through a L2TP VPN back home when in hotels etc.

Originally I was looking at the MT300N-V2 but I’m now looking at the AR750/AR750S. Are there any considerations I should make?

It might can’t work on L2TP. It means this function isn’t integrated into the admin web page, you have to set it up on command line.

BTW, I recommend you use OpenVPN or WireGuard instead of L2TP, which is more security. AR750S supports both of OpenVPN and WireGuard.

Thanks, I’ve gone for the AR750S - why not! :wink:

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Hi Kyson,

Received the device and I’m trying WireGuard but can’t seem to get it to work. To test, I have an account with AzireVPN. Pasting the config in doesn’t seem to work, and using the provider login under “others” gives me an "Invalid Username or Password”.

I believe I’m on the latest firmware (3.009)?

Am I doing anything wrong?

It should work. We had tested it. Would it caused by wrong username or password? Could you please PM your account to me, so that we can check it out.

I don’t believe so as I’m taking the login information from my password manager.

I’ll send you the details anyway.

I have also upgraded to 3.010 with the same issues.

It appears I don’t have the forum permissions to PM you directly.

Does the username or password have included special characters? You can send it to my email

Yes, special characters are included. I’ll email you.

Thanks, I received your email, it is indeed a bug, we are fixing it now. Could you please report the bug to bug tracker?

Good news. The bug has fixed. Please uninstall gl-wg in APPLICATIONPlug-in submenu. Update the package and install gl-wg again.

Impressive speed - great service!

Thanks, the provider login now works for me.