AP1300-Cirrus - v4 Firmware


I have been trying to upgrade an AP1300LTE to 4.3.6 snapshot firmware via the web interface (the current firmware is 3.217). Every time it appears to upload the firmware ok and then gets stuck on verifying. I have tried resetting the router, uploading the firmware from different browsers and PCs, but it never appears to complete the verification.

Any ideas?




We have checked the situation you described and found that the 4.3.6 snapshot firmware fails to support local page upgrades. We will release 4.3.7 in the future.

Would a uboot upgrade work?

The uboot upgrade doesn’t work either.

Is there an older version I can use? What is the release window for 4.3.7?

There is now a beta version that has the same issue, it cannot be installed ( Version: 4.3.7 release4)

Please try to upgrade to 4.3.7 release4.

You should download the uboot version and then use “Local Upgrade” to upgrade. It is recommended not to select “Keep Setting”.

Did you get this to work?

Using Uboot version in Local Upgrade does work to be installed

I was hoping that some bugs like Receiving SMS (SMS Forward via Email) would be fixed, but no luck for me with it. Tailscale or Zerotier are not supported in this beta version either. I don’t find any value in this beta upgrade, however the upgrade may bring some useful features for others