API Design Doc Request


I am currently working with the developer API for GL-iNet router and I was able to view it through Loading.... I see that the API documentation is generated using https://apidocjs.com/ and with this I wanted to ask would it be possible to acquire the apidoc file itself with the Java-doc style comments so I can use that to convert the API to OpenAPI?


The docs are here https://dev.gl-inet.com/

But I have to say that it is not updated. As we are migrating to SDK4.x we are not maintaining the old api any more.

Hi Alzhao,

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I am familiar with the webpage you provided but I am looking to see if I could get the source API file from you that has the Java-doc comments used with APIDocsJs when the docs are generated if that would be possible?

I ask as there is a tool on Github that allows the generation of a OpenAPI spec using the APIDocsJs comments, it can be found here: GitHub - amanoooo/apidoc-swagger-3

The API is generated from c source code directly if this is what you asked.

Ah ok, no problem, thank you for your help