Apn not connection MUDI

have simple mobile

simple mobile specifies adding MMSC address to configure, along with MCC and MNC and APN type. there is no place for this in manual configure.

default goes to fast.tmobile and gets no Internet

can’t use and no place to add MMSC address

also say 00:00 for time

MMSC is for sms so may not need for data.

Does it connect, get an IP but no data goes through?

this is original poster

it gets an IP address and it will upload data, but it doesn’t download data

it keeps trying to send data gets barely anything back, but it has no problem getting the IP address

when i try to connect to tor i get to 10% only, no data comes back

i also can receive text messages from simple mobile, just no data

Do you have access to T-Mobile website only?

It seems that the SIM is not connected. You can send more details to us via email (support at glinet.biz) to get support privately.

As Internet is not connected, Tor will not connect at all.